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Reduced Performance Fee: "We're All in this Boat Together" Sale
        $250.00 per 45 minute session  

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That's Nathan piggy-backing Ryan piggy-backing Geoff!

     105 Apricot Lane
     Los Gatos, CA 95030
   e-mail Megumi

Normal Performance Fees
    $500.00 per 45 minute session
    $250.00 for a second 45 minute session immediately following.

    If thes fees are outside your budget, please refer to the "Reduced Fees" section, and contact Megumi. I do my best to negotiate a fee that's fair for you and me.
    A session typically lasts 45 minutes. If you'd prefer longer or shorter sessions, let's talk!
    Here is a handout for preparing school staff and students for a live performer.

Reduced Fees
$250-$450 may be available for:
    "piggy-backing" venues, or multiple bookings in an area on the same day; and
    libraries and other community and non-profit groups.

Pro Bono Performances
Free performances given indiscriminately cheapens the profession, so I choose them with care.

Travel Fees
    If I'm driving, I charge the 2012 Federal Mileage Reimbursement Rate of 55.5 cents per mile from my home.
    If I'm flying, I require that you pay for my flight.
    Under certain conditions, I accept home-stays.

Storytelling with Translators
... can be a blast, AND a good language lesson! Imagine your favorite teachers and librarians re-telling the stories with their own choice of words, gestures, facial expressions, and voice inflections.

    Reduced fees ($250-$450) may be available if I'm already in your neighborhood, and you book me on the same day.

Promotional Material
Please feel free to use text and photographs on this website to create your own programs and advertising.

Sample Invoice/Contract

Preferred Audience Sizes
    My preferred maximum audiences size is 250 people, so those in the back of the room can see my face, and I can see theirs.
    There are always exceptions; certain conditions make addressing larger audiences just fine. Former internees and I have addressed an audience as large as 1200 people.

Performing Outdoors
For "the optimal outdoor concert experience," please provide:
    monitor(s) to remind people there are better places to chat or picnic;
    a location away from loud sounds (Rock-and-roll bands are louder than me!); and
    a location with no foot traffic. (The area between the bathroom and the playground bites!)

Please provide a tent or...
    an opaque background to block visual distractions behind me;
    objects (e.g., screens, bales of hay, traffic cones) to designate the storytelling area;
    shade from the sun; and
    someone to hold down my props and the sound system, if windy. (What a job!)

Performances with Masaya
    Please budget an extra $200 per session.